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Find out more about the projects of the second edition of the WaterWalls

which take place from 8.06 to 08.09.2024!



d-o-t-s (FR/IT) & Hadrien Vénat (FR)

With Aquacanta, d-o-t-s (Laura Drouet, Olivier Lacrouts, FR/IT) explores the many stories that water reveals or conceals. The project, based around the river Sûre, consists of interactive sound sculptures (developed in cooperation with French artist-maker Hadrien Vénat) and a digital publication. On the riverbanks, passers-by are invited to interact with the sculptures and listen to the murmur of the river. The digital publication, enriched with a mix of facts and fiction and stories also from residents, bears tangible witness to human and non-human relationships with water.

Amazon is a River


Lucas Facer (UK), Kim Gubbini (LU) & Thomas Randall-Page (UK)

Amazon is a River, by architects Kim Gubbini (LU), Lucas Facer (UK) and Thomas Randall-Page (UK) critiques the doctrine of infinite growth. Instead of measuring time, however, it measures wealth. Using a simple metric whereby a glass of water is equivalent to one euro, different vessels in the circuit represent different values, with the volume of water held back by the Esch-sur-Sûre dam representing the fortune of the founder of Amazon. The participatory and multi-sensory work invites us to imagine an alternative circular economy that flows like the water cycle, challenging today’s consumer society and the opposition between natural ecologies and mankind's capitalist exploitation.

Utopian Laundromat


La Bonneterie (BE)

With Utopdian Laundromat, La Bonneterie rethinks washing clothes, questioning the need for machines. Their hybrid installation, like a laundromat in the middle of nature, merges traditional public laundries with the comfort of the modern machine, reconciling the domestic task with human sociability. In this way, the installation becomes a multi-purpose place to meet and relax, an ecosystem operating on a short circuit, autonomous and humane.

Constellations Flottantes


Mathilde Caylou (FR)

With Constellations flottantes, Mathilde Caylou presents an installation inspired by traditional floats. The blown glass spheres, symbolising the stars, are linked by ropes and wooden battens to reproduce the map of the Esch-sur-Sûre night sky. These constellations, mirrors of the celestial cartography, become luminescent as night falls. They question our relationship with the environment, our anchoring, our desire to conquer, and above all the reality that in the face of the infinitely large, we are infinitely small.

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