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Project Dam 4

Floating Pixel


Serge Ecker & Giacomo Piovan

Giacomo Piovan trained as a product designer at the Politecnico di Milano and obtained a degree in social design (Master in Design) at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Fascinated by technology and sustainability, the essence of his practice lies in working with social partners through a participatory approach.

Trained in digital imaging and special effects, Serge Ecker, born in 1982 in Esch-sur-Alzette, is interested in the representation of reality through the prism of new technologies: software for recomposing spaces, geolocation images, 3D printers are the tools of this neo-sculptor of space and architectural form.

The idea is to create a floating space "in between" analogue/digital. A multi-purpose platform to hide from drones/satellite observations with a "camouflage" canopy resembling a pixel error from above; a rebellious pixel that "jumps" from one natural habitat to another. This pixelated "roof" will also serve as a sunshade in the open water for the artists/musicians/actors.

When not in use by the artists, the public can experience the floating effect of the rhythmic movement of the waves and enjoy the impressive landscape of the Sûre valley from an otherwise inaccessible point on the river.

The density and colouring of the pixels will be taken from satellite images such as Google Maps and and coloured with plant colours generated during workshops.

The material will come from nearby recycling centres, gifts from local people (e.g. household linen, bed sheets...) and local shops. In order to involve the public, the duo will organise a guided participatory collective construction process and a textile colouring workshop to make the canopy.

The final event of the festival will be a complete participatory dismantling of the raft with complete recycling or upcycling of all elements, except for the canopy, which will be kept for exhibitions and further use.

« Floating Pixel »

Conceptors : Serge Ecker, Giacomo Piovan

Design in the framework of WaterWalls Festival, Esch-sur-Sûre, 2021

Production : Séibühn

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