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Project Dam 3




MAD TRIX is based in the 1535° creative hub in Differdange, Luxembourg. Here, they enjoy being surrounded and inspired by creatives, partners and friends. They are able to realise every step of their projects in  their office and atelier - from the idea and concept creation up to the realisation, construction and assembly. In their projects they do not shy away from creative challenges. Their diverse backgrounds and variety of skills allow them to cover a wide range of expertise, services and practical knowledge in order to always deliver a great result. As much as they love realising their own ideas, they also enjoy working in bigger teams, helping others carrying their projects to completion.

Nénuphars (Water lilies) is a kinetic, sound and interactive installation floating on the Sûre. It materialises through several round platforms placed peacefully at the water's edge. Each of these platforms has a unique construction that can produce rhythms and melodies. 

Air pumps installed at the edge of the river, manually activated by the visitors, blow air underneath the platforms. The air pressure allows the platforms to move, activating the sound sculptures above them, producing sounds that are human-activated but nevertheless random and uncontrollable. These surprising movements of the nénupharscause the still water near the dam to stir, creating small waves that set the other nénuphars in motion. This spontaneous interaction reveals a poetic and melodious dance between the different platforms on the water.

Nénuphars appears less as a boundary between water and surface and more as a suspended veil. This project aims to deconstruct our conception of boundaries by illustrating the subtle interactions of our environment.

« Nénuphars »

Conception : MAD TRIX Ruth Lorang, Oliver Lang, Damiano Picci, Cédric Fischer

Design in the framework of WaterWalls Festival, Esch-sur-Sûre, 2021

Production : Séibühn

Coproduction : MAD TRIX

« Nénuphars » won 1st Prix stART-up from Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

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