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Étienne Duval studied architecture in Nancy (Bachelor) and Leipzig (Master).

He then worked for various international offices at SANAA or BIG and in Luxembourg at STEINMETZDEMEYER.

In 2018 he founded YO studio, a playful design agency operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and visual communication.

Established following the meeting of graphic designers, architects and other creative people passionate about electronic music, the a.s.b.l.  LAGERKULTUR organised its first event in Kirchberg in summer 2019. Following its objectives to develop a progressive clubbing scene in Luxembourg, the collective is collaborating with cultural institutions. It organises various events, such as openings for the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, the opening of the Luxembourg Art Week or club nights at Les Rotondes.

Clubbing culture, and more particularly the electronic music that is its essence, normally takes place in a very urban and dense context. It is a contemporary culture with a strong artificial, even industrial connotation. The Sûre valley, inhabited by the dams that dot it, provides a strong natural environment, both in its form and its transformation.

Sonic Wall, a collaborative project of the architectural firm YO studio and the collective LAGERKULTUR, aims to implant clubbing culture in the environment of the Sûre Valley. During two weekends of mini festivals, the project will transform the large dam, a monumental infrastructure, into a living place dedicated to electronic music.


The major installation, subtle in its size but big in its impact, consists of suspending a disco ball in the middle of the valley. The ball will hang from a cable anchored to the ends of the wall. Lit during the festival days, this archetypal dance floor will illuminate the wall and the valley, creating a performance on the scale of the landscape. 

The two weekends of activity, likely to take place in July (opening) and September, are designed as a complete Water Walls festival experience. 

In addition to offering a musical programme (DJs and live sets), the weekends will include performances by the other dams as well as related activities (brunch, yoga sessions, etc). Both through the semi-permanent installation and through its periods of activity, the Sonic Wall will give a new vision to this iconic place