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First circular economy art installation trail

The municipality of Esch-sur-Sûre renews the WaterWalls project for its second edition. In 2021, it was the first cultural festival based on the principles of the circular economy.

An open-air exhibition of contemporary art, the project adopts the principles of the circular economy to raise awareness of artistic production and sustainability, while promoting local creation and community participation.


In 2024, 4 autonomous, participatory art installations will be set up along the Sûre river, at the 4 compensation dams in the idyllic valley of Esch-sur-Sûre.


In the heart of this unique, unspoilt region, WaterWalls is developing a series of artistic installations that respect the invested natural environment.

This is why the dialogue between the art installations and their environment combines creation and artistic expression with sustainability and "cradle to cradle" principles.


To respond to this approach, artists are invited:

  • to create or co-create with eco-design in mind.

  • take sustainability and circular economy criteria in their approach, from design to dismantling.

  • Use the 3R strategy - reduce, reuse, recycle - of the circular economy or 'cradle to cradle'

  • to take these three principles in their practice, by reducing the use of resources as much as possible; reusing existing products or materials as much as possible; recycling the raw materials used; and taking into consideration the dismantling of the structures built.

WaterWalls will also provide an opportunity to raise awareness of these environmental issues through artistic, playful, participatory, and educational approaches.

Sustainable commitments and actions

Following the same precepts for the logistical and organizational aspects, through commitments and eco-responsible practices at all levels, the aim of the project is to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. To this end, the organization of WaterWalls has been thought through to the smallest detail to follow the precepts of "cradle to cradle":


Art installations:

  • By teaming up with circular economy experts from the jury phase onwards.

  • By collecting materials from IMS member companies and through local subsidiaries, retailers and businesses.

  • By collaborating with companies with expertise in the approach, such as the Au2 design office or Robin paints, which focuses its development on unique, natural products.

  • Prioritizing short, local supply chains for all needs

  • Ensuring selective waste sorting at all stages of preparation, installation and dismantling.

  • By paying close attention to energy consumption: energy-saving lighting, daytime artistic programming, no external heating such as mushroom heaters, etc.




  • Maximum use of digital communication

  • All printing is carried out on recycled and/or certified paper

  • PVC-free banners with no mention of dates to encourage reuse

  • Reuse of existing supports



Mobility will be encouraged as much as possible by :

  • clear indications of public transport departure times, and programming in line with schedules

  • the possibility of renting bicycles to explore the facilities.


Catering will be provided:

  • By local partners, ensuring menu diversity by giving priority to seasonal and local products, most of them organic, Fairtrade or bearing local labels.

  • With a diversified vegetarian and vegan offer

  • With as little packaging as possible

  • With maximum use of reusable crockery

cradle to cradle
Engagements et actions durables
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